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  • From VFX to Awards ceremonies, car design, games and even the space industry. Everyone has a story with Blender.

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    Japanese Anime studio Khara moves to Blender

    ”We finally got a 3D creation tool like paper and pencil.” The reason why Khara, Inc. started moving to Blender.

    EMMYS 2018 House Looks

    Allucinari creates large screen production and motion graphics for concerts and television shows including the Academy Awards and the Emmys.

    Goodbye Kansas Studios

    Learn how Goodbye Kansas Studios uses Blender for the creation of triple-A game cinematics and VFX for award-winning series like The Walking Dead!

    Title Design: from Wonder Woman to xXx

    Joseph Conover is a 3D artist at Greenhaus GFX, where he created graphics for several high profile film credit sequences such as Wonder Woman, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and more.

    ESA space debris movie by ONiRiXEL

    ONiRiXEL 3D Animation Studio is a small startup based in Toulouse, France. In this article by Jean-Gabriel Loquet, they share how they used Blender to create a high-end stereoscopic video for the European Space Agenty. ONiRiXEL is a Corporate member of the Blender Network.

    Rochlitz VR

    “Rochlitz VR” is a virtual reality app created by blendFX for Schl?sserland Sachsen. It’s a virtual reconstruction of one of the chambers from the old castle “Schloss Rochlitz” in Saxony, Germany.

    Visual Effects for The Man in the High Castle

    Barnstorm VFX embodies the diverse skills, freewheeling spirit, and daredevil attitude of the early days stunt plane pilots. Nominated for VES award for their outstanding work on the TV series “The Man in the High Castle”, they have been using Blender as integral part of their pipeline.

    Miyazaki Tribute

    Dono simply started the project as a modeling and texturing exercise, just to practice. After modeling the bath of “Spirited Away”, he thought it could be cool to do something more evolved.

    E-Interiores: Next-generation interior design with Blender

    This Brazilian interior design e-commerce startup transformed their creation process into an entire new fashion. This tale will show you how Blender made this possible, and how far we got. – by Dalai Felinto

    Google Expeditions – Education in VR

    The concept of virtual-reality has been around for many decades now. However it is only in the last few years that technology has matured enough for VR to really take off.

    Hardcore Henry

    Yaroslav Kemnits brings us behind the scene of a one-of-a-kind first-person action movie.

    NASA Curiosity Rover Experience

    It is amazing to see how NASA is using Blender 3D for their innovative projects.

    TATA Automotive Design

    As an automotive company, we were used to do all the digital work in one software, Alias, which is mostly dedicated to industrial design.

    3D printing a fashion collection

    In September 2014 I started working on my graduate collection for my Fashion Design degree at Shenkar. This year, I decided to work with 3D printing, which I barely knew anything about.

    Angry Birds maker Rovio's 'Plunder Pirates'

    Midoki studio’s latest release ‘Plunder Pirates’, a strategy game melding 4X exploration with tower defense, set in the Caribbean, was picked as ‘Editor’s choice’ on Apples iTunes app store.

    TNT Drama Series ‘Legends’ Teaser

    Loica, a production studio based in Santiago, Chile have used a novel combination of photography, 3D scanning and Blender to produce a stunning promo for TNT’s recent drama series ‘Legends’ starring British actor Sean Bean.

    The Numerical Artists

    Anthony Salvi – from Paris, France – is a photographer and independent artist who loves to add motion to pictures.

    Video Retouching for TV

    Sebastian Koenig recently did a breakdown vfx shot for the German TV Station MDR. They needed to have a photo exchanged in one shot from a documentary about Roland Freisler.